Red makes your life as a Photographer a bit more easy

I had a very productive day … I made a few new designs … all related to photography and to make your life as a photographer a bit more easy. I often stumbled on photographers who had difficulty keeping the people inspired while shooting their picture … with the new designs i think it's going to be a lot more easy to hold their focus on your camera or to keep people smiling …  😀

Red ... The Photographer - White TshirtRed ... The Official Photographer - Value TshirtRed ... The Un-Official Photographer - Black Tshirt
    The Photographer          The Official            The Un-Official
                                      Photographer          Photographer

Red says 'Smile' - Golf TshirtRed says 'Cheese' - Ash Grey TshirtRed 'Say Cheese' - Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
     Red says 'Smile'      Red says 'Cheese'      Red 'say 'Cheese''

All designs available on all products, check them out in The Shop.

Hope you like it … your comments are much appreciated!
Regards, Red.


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