Red meets a New Friend

Haai Again, some Exciting News to share!
As I … and Eric of course … were working our  butts off, we were approached by an American company … just lets call them CU for now … telling us that they very much liked my Character … 😀 and they kindly asked if I was for sale …  For Sale … hmmm … Before Eric could answer that question i wrote a “NO” in the returned mail … how on Earth could i leave Eric … my creator, designer, companion, my travelguide around the internet … I talked the idea out of Eric’s head .. (easy to do … ) So, we kindly wrote back a polite “No”, but we offered to create a new character, specificly designed for that company … they accepted our offer and we are now in the process of designing a new character!
 Boy, this is fun to do! As Eric can’t do it alone, i come up with some ideas and Eric puts them on the drawing board. We have send out a first proof today .. hopefully they like it 😀

 We’ll keep you posted!


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