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Sleeping on my Valentine Pillow …

January 23, 2008





Almost Valentine …

Let your Valentine sleep next to you on his/her own Valentine Pillow. Red is now offering you his Valentine Pillows with a $3 discount. Go and see what’s available now …
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Riding in my new Red Car …

July 23, 2007

New bumperstickers available …
Red is proud to announce 3 more new designs for his bumperstickers. For that purpose Red got himself a new Red Car for display on the stickers and with text like “I break for Animals, Turtles and Tailgators”

Go and see the new designs …
Click on the picture above or follow this link …

Six new Designs for the Photographer

July 10, 2007

New designs available …
Red for the Photographer is delighted to announce six more new designs for his t-shirts. Currently available in white T-shirts with a small logo of red on the front and the bigger picture on the back. The Black (and 7 more colored) T-shirts can only be printed on one side and will have the bigger picture on the front.

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Now Open … Red’s Sales Corner !

March 22, 2007

        US$ 16.99                 US$ 19.99  
       US$ 13.99                US$ 16.99

Red’s Sales corner has just opened their doors … as a starter the products listed have a 3 Dollar Discount!
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Red celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

March 5, 2007

Check out the latest new designs and apparel, buy your shirt and start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!
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New Colors Available for Red !

February 9, 2007

New Colors available for Red !

As of today Caferpess (finaly!) made some new colors available!
The colors Cardinal, Navy, Military Green, Red, Royal, Brown and Charcoal has been added to the already present Dark (Black) tshirts.

Check out the latest new designs and apparel from Red the Photographer!
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Note that these colors are made for all dark apparel and for the whole store, not just for the tshirt shown above .. so make sure to check it all out!

Red has a new camera …

February 7, 2007

Check out the latest new designs and apparel from Red the Photographer!
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My Darling Valentine …

January 25, 2007


Check out the latest Valentine gifts from Loverboy Red!
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NEWS : Red and the Funaliens move out! (per Jan 15, 2007)

January 1, 2007

This above logo used to be on top of our shop … and still is the place to get your favorite present in our online shop called ENOS. But we are very glad and proud to announce that our babies have grown and decided to leave our house and to live in their own shops here at Cafepress.

Per Januari 15, 2007 we will transform this shop into a shop for Red – The New Guy – and change the url.
Bookmark the new place to go …

The Funaliens also found their own place on Fearth, they settled in a shop not far from here. Please feel free to pay them a visit at

We are pleased to see you in one of our new shops per Januari 15, 2007!
Untill then you are more then welcome in our shop at

Greetings, Red.

New Stuff from WordPress

December 31, 2006

A totaly cool feature has been added by the WP guys and gals .. it’s called Snap-To-It
and what it does … see for yourself by hovering over a link in one of my posts and you’ll see a small window as a pop-up displaying a small graphic picture from the link … Cool .. isn’t it!
It’s not added to every blog yet, but only to aprox 10%, meant as a test .. I am lucky!!

Here’s the post from WP about Snap-To-It …

A Home for I-dudette and I-dog

November 21, 2006

Hurrah! Proud to announce that I-dudette and I-dog are adopted by Kelley Parks from Call Federal Credit Union.  I-dude now has some company. CFCU has great plans with the character I-dude. Today i saw some presentation stuff and really liked what i saw. I-dude will come to life and develop into his own world. Can’t wait to see it!

Meet I-dog .. the friendly dog

November 17, 2006

Alright! I-dude finaly dared to look over the hedge to see if I-dudette was home and yes .. she was … he didn’t see her dog anywhere, so I-dude walked into her garden and up to her house to finaly ask her to go out with him on friday night … lucky for him the dog was inside when she opened the door … so his pants is still in one piece. She invited I-dude inside her house and they talked a bit … when suddenly the dog appeared … 8-( … as soon as I-dude saw him he wanted to get out … but … he could resist … the dog looked at him for a while and then sat down next to his feet  … ooh … that seems to be okay he must have thought … well … I-dude thinks it will take some time before the dogs becomes his friend … but so far so good … I-dudette and I-dude will go out for the first time … we’ll see what happens …

Here’s the picture from I-dog … the friendly dog …

I-dog … The friendly dog …

Meet … I-dudette, I-dude’s next door girlfriend.

November 17, 2006

Haai there, let me introduce I-dude’s new girlfriend to you .. Her name is I-dudette … at least untill he found a good name for her or a place in his home. I-dudette is the great looking girlfriend from next door. Lived next to here for quite a while already, but I-dude never dared to look over the hedge and talk to her … untill now … He asked her out .. and she said yes … Great! … He hesitated a long while to walk over to her house and ask her … she has a dog you know … a friendly dog once you know him .. but before that … he rips your pants in a minute when you walk into their garden. Not something he wanted to try … untill now … 😀

So here she is  … I-Dudette!

 I-dudette .. I-dude’s girlfriend from next door.

Hope you like her … i know I-dude does … 😀

Next to come : A Family for I-dude

November 16, 2006

After the unexpected succes of the project for Kelley Parks from Call Federal Credit Union my creative fluids kept streaming in my blood … and I couldn’t stop thinking how nice it would be if I-dude gets a family … so … after hours of designing … the family has arrived. I-dude will be acompanied by I-dudette en I-dog.

Pictures will follow soon! 

Meet Red’s New Friend : I-dude

November 10, 2006

Today we finished the new deal with good results!

Like i told, we were approached by the American Company … Call Federal Credit Union

Kelley Parks, Vice President Marketing & Business Development from Call Federal Credit Union asked me to make a new design for their website, collateral material, advertising and promotion on billboards, TV, etc.
After several proofs we finished the design … the character is called “I-dude” as long as CFCU doesn’t have a real name for him.

“I-dude”  Character for Call Federal Credit Union

In a reaction on the final design, Kelley Parks said “We are very excited about “i dude”.  We plan on using him in lots of ways at the credit union.  We’re going to have someone dress like “i dude” and go into the community.  We will have him animated on our website and possibly incorporate him into our image somehow.  Its very exciting and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Right now we are still calling him “i dude”, but he is a representation of our inner voice and the good that is inside of us.  We will use him to empower people to do the right thing.  He’ll be responsible for sayings like “i can do anything!”  and “i can be anything”  Your little character will do lots of good in this world.”

I think “I-dude” will have found a good home at CFCU and i am looking forward to see him devellop into his world.
The cooperation with Kelley was real nice and hopefully our project will lead to another in the future.
Thanks Kelley!

Regards, Red and Eric.

Red meets a New Friend

November 8, 2006

Haai Again, some Exciting News to share!
As I … and Eric of course … were working our  butts off, we were approached by an American company … just lets call them CU for now … telling us that they very much liked my Character … 😀 and they kindly asked if I was for sale …  For Sale … hmmm … Before Eric could answer that question i wrote a “NO” in the returned mail … how on Earth could i leave Eric … my creator, designer, companion, my travelguide around the internet … I talked the idea out of Eric’s head .. (easy to do … ) So, we kindly wrote back a polite “No”, but we offered to create a new character, specificly designed for that company … they accepted our offer and we are now in the process of designing a new character!
 Boy, this is fun to do! As Eric can’t do it alone, i come up with some ideas and Eric puts them on the drawing board. We have send out a first proof today .. hopefully they like it 😀

 We’ll keep you posted!

Red makes your life as a Photographer a bit more easy

April 14, 2006

I had a very productive day … I made a few new designs … all related to photography and to make your life as a photographer a bit more easy. I often stumbled on photographers who had difficulty keeping the people inspired while shooting their picture … with the new designs i think it's going to be a lot more easy to hold their focus on your camera or to keep people smiling …  😀

Red ... The Photographer - White TshirtRed ... The Official Photographer - Value TshirtRed ... The Un-Official Photographer - Black Tshirt
    The Photographer          The Official            The Un-Official
                                      Photographer          Photographer

Red says 'Smile' - Golf TshirtRed says 'Cheese' - Ash Grey TshirtRed 'Say Cheese' - Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
     Red says 'Smile'      Red says 'Cheese'      Red 'say 'Cheese''

All designs available on all products, check them out in The Shop.

Hope you like it … your comments are much appreciated!
Regards, Red.

Red paints your Name …

April 12, 2006

I like to paint … usualy i do it as grafitti on the wall and most of the times it is my own name … but i thought … if i can do it on the wall … I can do it on the mugs too … so … new designs available … here is one example with Eric's name …

(These pictures do not show the actual quality of the mugs and prints on them, click the picture to go to the shop and see bigger examples there.)

Drop me an email if you want one with your name on it .. all designs available in one day. I'll send you an email where to find it in the shop.

Have fun!

Don’t Forget … It’s Friday …

April 7, 2006

After my first day here I must say I am impressed with the amount of blogs and posts here in the world of WordPress … it's nice to take part of it! I wandered through many blogs and post searching for just … nothing, but just to see what others are doing with a blog, what they write, what they talk about … searching for other shopblogs …

Today I also worked in the shop were I live, thinking of some new designs for the products.
And after that long day … late in the afternoon … I just reminded myself … I'ts Friday today!

Got a whole free weekend in front of me … now what to do … I guess I am going to do some shopping .. 😀