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Sleeping on my Valentine Pillow …

January 23, 2008





Almost Valentine …

Let your Valentine sleep next to you on his/her own Valentine Pillow. Red is now offering you his Valentine Pillows with a $3 discount. Go and see what’s available now …
Click on the picture or follow this link ..


Riding in my new Red Car …

July 23, 2007

New bumperstickers available …
Red is proud to announce 3 more new designs for his bumperstickers. For that purpose Red got himself a new Red Car for display on the stickers and with text like “I break for Animals, Turtles and Tailgators”

Go and see the new designs …
Click on the picture above or follow this link …

Six new Designs for the Photographer

July 10, 2007

New designs available …
Red for the Photographer is delighted to announce six more new designs for his t-shirts. Currently available in white T-shirts with a small logo of red on the front and the bigger picture on the back. The Black (and 7 more colored) T-shirts can only be printed on one side and will have the bigger picture on the front.

Click on the banner or follow this link ……

Now Open … Red’s Sales Corner !

March 22, 2007

        US$ 16.99                 US$ 19.99  
       US$ 13.99                US$ 16.99

Red’s Sales corner has just opened their doors … as a starter the products listed have a 3 Dollar Discount!
Click on the banner or follow this link … and buy yourself a new shirt for less!

Red celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

March 5, 2007

Check out the latest new designs and apparel, buy your shirt and start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!
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New Colors Available for Red !

February 9, 2007

New Colors available for Red !

As of today Caferpess (finaly!) made some new colors available!
The colors Cardinal, Navy, Military Green, Red, Royal, Brown and Charcoal has been added to the already present Dark (Black) tshirts.

Check out the latest new designs and apparel from Red the Photographer!
Click on the banner or follow this link ……

Note that these colors are made for all dark apparel and for the whole store, not just for the tshirt shown above .. so make sure to check it all out!

Red has a new camera …

February 7, 2007

Check out the latest new designs and apparel from Red the Photographer!
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My Darling Valentine …

January 25, 2007


Check out the latest Valentine gifts from Loverboy Red!
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Red makes your life as a Photographer a bit more easy

April 14, 2006

I had a very productive day … I made a few new designs … all related to photography and to make your life as a photographer a bit more easy. I often stumbled on photographers who had difficulty keeping the people inspired while shooting their picture … with the new designs i think it's going to be a lot more easy to hold their focus on your camera or to keep people smiling …  😀

Red ... The Photographer - White TshirtRed ... The Official Photographer - Value TshirtRed ... The Un-Official Photographer - Black Tshirt
    The Photographer          The Official            The Un-Official
                                      Photographer          Photographer

Red says 'Smile' - Golf TshirtRed says 'Cheese' - Ash Grey TshirtRed 'Say Cheese' - Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
     Red says 'Smile'      Red says 'Cheese'      Red 'say 'Cheese''

All designs available on all products, check them out in The Shop.

Hope you like it … your comments are much appreciated!
Regards, Red.

Red paints your Name …

April 12, 2006

I like to paint … usualy i do it as grafitti on the wall and most of the times it is my own name … but i thought … if i can do it on the wall … I can do it on the mugs too … so … new designs available … here is one example with Eric's name …

(These pictures do not show the actual quality of the mugs and prints on them, click the picture to go to the shop and see bigger examples there.)

Drop me an email if you want one with your name on it .. all designs available in one day. I'll send you an email where to find it in the shop.

Have fun!

Don’t Forget … It’s Friday …

April 7, 2006

After my first day here I must say I am impressed with the amount of blogs and posts here in the world of WordPress … it's nice to take part of it! I wandered through many blogs and post searching for just … nothing, but just to see what others are doing with a blog, what they write, what they talk about … searching for other shopblogs …

Today I also worked in the shop were I live, thinking of some new designs for the products.
And after that long day … late in the afternoon … I just reminded myself … I'ts Friday today!

Got a whole free weekend in front of me … now what to do … I guess I am going to do some shopping .. 😀