Meet Red’s New Friend : I-dude

Today we finished the new deal with good results!

Like i told, we were approached by the American Company … Call Federal Credit Union

Kelley Parks, Vice President Marketing & Business Development from Call Federal Credit Union asked me to make a new design for their website, collateral material, advertising and promotion on billboards, TV, etc.
After several proofs we finished the design … the character is called “I-dude” as long as CFCU doesn’t have a real name for him.

“I-dude”  Character for Call Federal Credit Union

In a reaction on the final design, Kelley Parks said “We are very excited about “i dude”.  We plan on using him in lots of ways at the credit union.  We’re going to have someone dress like “i dude” and go into the community.  We will have him animated on our website and possibly incorporate him into our image somehow.  Its very exciting and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Right now we are still calling him “i dude”, but he is a representation of our inner voice and the good that is inside of us.  We will use him to empower people to do the right thing.  He’ll be responsible for sayings like “i can do anything!”  and “i can be anything”  Your little character will do lots of good in this world.”

I think “I-dude” will have found a good home at CFCU and i am looking forward to see him devellop into his world.
The cooperation with Kelley was real nice and hopefully our project will lead to another in the future.
Thanks Kelley!

Regards, Red and Eric.


One Response to “Meet Red’s New Friend : I-dude”

  1. Laura Says:

    i-Dude is an ace name dont change it.
    sounds like he will be promoting some preety cool stuff too =D

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