Introducing Red – The New Guy –

Haai there … let me introduce myself … my name is Red … The New Guy … a new character in Cartoonland and now in WordPressWorld too, ready to brighten up your life!

My life started at the drawingboard, some guy, let’s call him Eric, who likes to draw no name figures, left me lying around on the board sometime ago … usualy his drawings end up in the bin … but not my drawing … i am the result of one of his unfinished, unnamed projects.

Then … on a bright sunny day … the streaks of the sun coming through the windows hits the drawingboard and filled me with life … once alife i noticed Eric forgot to paint my one other hair … it was still colored red … darn …
Well, looking for a name for myself became quite easy now … i decided to call myself ‘Red’ then, just after my one red hair.

After i came to life i put myself to work … since i had nothing else to do i took a pencil and started to write some text to help Eric with his work. If you are interested to see what Eric did with it .. visit the shop were i live at 

Looking foward to see you there!


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