Sleeping on my Valentine Pillow …





Almost Valentine …

Let your Valentine sleep next to you on his/her own Valentine Pillow. Red is now offering you his Valentine Pillows with a $3 discount. Go and see what’s available now …
Click on the picture or follow this link ..


2 Responses to “Sleeping on my Valentine Pillow …”

  1. Jane, aka Mrshey (formally) Says:

    Heya! Not sure if you remember me from Photozo…I was mrshey there. Well, I’m now divorced & moving from Virginia to California in about a month & cannot wait! The area there is great for photography…as soon as I get there, I’ll be getting a new “unofficial photographer” sticker…I have a “new to me” car & will need it!!!!!
    Hope all is well with you Eric…email me!!!

  2. kaseymathis79949 Says:

    I`m reading ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’ at the moment. Click

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