NEWS : Red and the Funaliens move out! (per Jan 15, 2007)

This above logo used to be on top of our shop … and still is the place to get your favorite present in our online shop called ENOS. But we are very glad and proud to announce that our babies have grown and decided to leave our house and to live in their own shops here at Cafepress.

Per Januari 15, 2007 we will transform this shop into a shop for Red – The New Guy – and change the url.
Bookmark the new place to go …

The Funaliens also found their own place on Fearth, they settled in a shop not far from here. Please feel free to pay them a visit at

We are pleased to see you in one of our new shops per Januari 15, 2007!
Untill then you are more then welcome in our shop at

Greetings, Red.


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