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New Stuff from WordPress

December 31, 2006

A totaly cool feature has been added by the WP guys and gals .. it’s called Snap-To-It
and what it does … see for yourself by hovering over a link in one of my posts and you’ll see a small window as a pop-up displaying a small graphic picture from the link … Cool .. isn’t it!
It’s not added to every blog yet, but only to aprox 10%, meant as a test .. I am lucky!!

Here’s the post from WP about Snap-To-It …


New Front Page

December 17, 2006

Hi! Thank you all for the sales from My Shop in the last month of this year!  You delivered me some pretty hard work to get it  ready for all of you. Hope you will be satisfied with your products! Thanks! 

Besides the work for my shop i also did some work on my website today. Made some changes in color and style to match the colors and logo’s here at my blog. Made some new buttons and links. Check it out on My Website at .

 See you all around! Regards, Red.