Meet … I-dudette, I-dude’s next door girlfriend.

Haai there, let me introduce I-dude’s new girlfriend to you .. Her name is I-dudette … at least untill he found a good name for her or a place in his home. I-dudette is the great looking girlfriend from next door. Lived next to here for quite a while already, but I-dude never dared to look over the hedge and talk to her … untill now … He asked her out .. and she said yes … Great! … He hesitated a long while to walk over to her house and ask her … she has a dog you know … a friendly dog once you know him .. but before that … he rips your pants in a minute when you walk into their garden. Not something he wanted to try … untill now … 😀

So here she is  … I-Dudette!

 I-dudette .. I-dude’s girlfriend from next door.

Hope you like her … i know I-dude does … 😀


One Response to “Meet … I-dudette, I-dude’s next door girlfriend.”

  1. Laura Says:

    OMG i-dudette is so ace. Is the i-dog her dog ?
    Im going to go look at i-dude now i havent seen him yet.
    i have a strange obsession with the word dude and these just rock !
    thanks for making them!
    they made school alot more fun

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