Meet I-dog .. the friendly dog

Alright! I-dude finaly dared to look over the hedge to see if I-dudette was home and yes .. she was … he didn’t see her dog anywhere, so I-dude walked into her garden and up to her house to finaly ask her to go out with him on friday night … lucky for him the dog was inside when she opened the door … so his pants is still in one piece. She invited I-dude inside her house and they talked a bit … when suddenly the dog appeared … 8-( … as soon as I-dude saw him he wanted to get out … but … he could resist … the dog looked at him for a while and then sat down next to his feet  … ooh … that seems to be okay he must have thought … well … I-dude thinks it will take some time before the dogs becomes his friend … but so far so good … I-dudette and I-dude will go out for the first time … we’ll see what happens …

Here’s the picture from I-dog … the friendly dog …

I-dog … The friendly dog …


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